So I Had Eye Surgery Last Friday...

  • Update: 04/10/2017
If anybody reading this has had laser eye surgery they'll know I mean... 
It's kind of intense and it's weird feeling tbh.
Eyes being one of the more 'delicate' organs, 
So lying in a dentist chair with and eye ball full of anaesthetic having them prodded and poked while looking at these crazy lights -  certainly aint everyones cup of tea. 
Its not for the faint hearted. 
So you may be thinking WHY did i have it?
Quite simply - THE RESULTS.
As far back as I can remember i have not been able to see unaided. 
I wore glasses in my childhood and contact lenses daily from about 14. 
Man I hated wearing glasses, terrible for sport and having fun. 
And contact lenses were much better, but still not ideal for climbing mountains and the like. 
So to sit up out of a chair and have the gift of unaided sight at 30 years of age is quite something to me. 
And I've heard others talk of their experience as - life changing. 
And to it really IS
But i have to admit before i started looking into it.
I was a bit sceptical, 
There are some horror stories you hear
And even some people that have had it and still needed glasses. 
So i did plenty of research and made sure i chose a place with a LONG track record of producing results with many people. 
I needed real life proof of what it could do for me. 
So i could feel safe trusting someone with my eyes and my money. 
the same is true i feel of any results we pay a service for..
take body shape fitness for example people pay us to transform their body.
they pay for the RESULT
Just like i did with my laser eye surgery 
So i totally get it that before they join us they are likely to sceptical
ESPECIALLY if they've tries something in the past and been let down. 
There are a lot of fad programs and bad personal trainers around (we know) 
This is exactly why we do 2 things: 
1. Give a results or money back guarantee.
We stand by our program, we KNOW if you come along and follow it you'll get results.
So we like to make everyone who joins feel safe in the comfort of knowing if it didn't work for them in 4 weeks we'll give them their 100% of their money back. 
2. Have SHED LOADS of proof that our programs have worked for people that have followed them.
We've literally got 300 Testimonials of successful clients - and that's just the people that did that for us we've helped thousands of people make great life changes. 
You can see a ton of these ON VIDEO on our website (link is below)
Maybe you're sceptical?
Here's some proof of the results we get  -  Success Stories
Check it out - if anything you'll be super inspired 
Speak soon
Timmy M  :-)