I Actually Ate Cardboard & Poo'd Bullets...

  • Update: 18/09/2017


eating cardboard

So the subject line then.... it's TRUE. 

You see, a couple of years back (about 7 to be precise) I started a 'getting lean' program to try and get my body super toned to look good on the beach!

 I read a load of magazines & books etc.

 I pretty much learned the biggest change I would have to make would be getting really "into it" with my diet.

I followed what the mags said which was to basically eat plain chicken, tuna, egg whites, salad, and broccoli, for my meals.

This was SO bland it was unreal... My digestive system was clearly not feeling it either! 

 I carried on for a couple of months, and well, my body DID change a bit.

 But the problem was... 

I HATED every DAM second of it, I felt moody, tired and bored all of the time.


I also basically 'force fed' myself. Which is about as fun as ear ache.


Eventually i binned it off and went back to what i was eating before (ever done this??) 

It was a bad experience and it put me off 'dieting' all together!


After talking to hell of a lot of my clients over the years (our programs have helped over 1000 people)


I understand this is how MOST people feel about changing what they eat..


kind of an  "I couldn't stand to eat that rabbit food, so I'm not doing it" thing. 


In fact people tell me they're scared of joining my programmes because they "won't be able to follow the diet"

So hey, here's a question... Do you like:

Chilli, Chicken butter curry, Thai Curry, Burgers, Homemade Chips, Omelettes, Mashed Potatoes, Garlic Salmon,Roast Dinners, Tomato Soup, Chocolate Mouse, Tuna Steak, Bean Hot Pots, Whole Greek Yoghurt  and Warm Berries???? 

You see these are just some of the meals in our recipe book we ask you to eat from... No BS.

When I realised I could actually make healthy eating - delicious - AND I got AMAZING results from it my life changed forever.

So can yours.

AND I still have the cheeky cheese cake or a few beers too.  (That’s actually ALLOWED on our program)

While still feeling really happy about my body! 

So it’s a simple as this... 

1. we train you precisely how you need to be trained for the fastest results

2. we tell you exactly what to eat and give you delicious recipes to follow so its easy and becomes a way of eating for life (so you not only get in shape, you STAY in shape)

3. we hold you ACCOUNTABLE to follow the plan, so when your motivation dips we are here to keep nudging you in the right direction.

AND, this is why we ABSOLUTELY guarantee results.. hands down. 

No Bull Shit. No Small Print.

You're either happy with the results OR we refund you. 

Pretty awesome hey,

Probably also the reason we have SOLD OUT this month! 

BUT we are going to start taking applications for next month,

Fancy giving it a go?

Cjeck out our succes stories page where you can apply :-)