We Are NOT A Bootcamp

  • Update: 05/09/2017

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We are NOT a “bootcamp”….

A lot of clients and friends call our Body Shape group training program‘Ely bootcamp’ and we know what they mean. But I always like to make this clear - we are NOT a bootcamp. 

And we probably DON’T do what you expect we might do with our coaching at Body Shape. 

You see unfortunately not all ‘bootcamps’ are created equally and if you tar them all with the same brush you can sometimes be left miffed about your results. 

When I set up body shape group personal training in Ely (7 years ago) I was the ONLY fitness camp in the city. I was one of only a select few in all of cambridgeshire. And of only a couple of hundred in the UK. 

It was great to be ahead of the trend and at that time ‘bootcamps’ were run by the cream of the personal training industry.  People that had been training other people for years already, had their own thriving fitness business and then set up a group personal training programs as a way to help more people.

Thing is, these days the fitness ‘trends’ have caught up. Now every gym & community up and down the country has people running exercise classes they call ‘bootcamp’ 

Now don’t get me wrong I’m not slating – if people choose to exercise that’s a positive step for them but I’m pointing out this is NOT what we do. 

So what are the main differences for body shape then?

1. ‘bootcamp’ usually just means ‘hard exercise class’ and an instructor shouting orders and motivation. 
Body shapes group training is a ‘program’ a set program that our clients attend 3 x per week for not only exercise but ongoing guidance on nutrition, mindset and lifestyle.

So what’s the benefit of it being a program then? THE RESULTS.  You see to get real lasting results, it needs to be more than just hard exercise. You need to train your body, mind and lifestyle to a new way of working. 

2. Accountability. Our program makes you accountable. If you just go to bootcamp sessions somewhere, or you have the option to dip in and dip out and not attend some days and it doesn’t matter if you turn up or if you don’t. Are you going to be consistent enough to see results? (be honest) 

To ensure we deliver results we insist our clients come to set training sessions 3 x week and we are waiting for them to be there at every session. It makes you feel like you should be somewhere and you don’t have the option to let yourself off the hook and just not go. 

3. It’s NOT random. So many ‘bootcamps’ every session is just random. 10 hard exercises kind of approach. 
The problem with random is it’s kinda like helping an infant child to learn walk, by getting him to crawl, jump, shuffle, lye down, sit down etc. As you know - the body doesn’t learn things like that, it learns by doing what you want to learn. Your child needs to walk to learn how to walk. Exercise works exactly the same. You want better legs, first we should learn to squat, then the next time do some more squats, and then add more to them until your legs HAVE to change shape to get better at doing the squats. If its random 'stuff' you're not teaching your body to get better, so the changes are slower. 

When you train with us we don’t give you trendy stuff. We give you direct stuff that is carefully selected to get you results FAST. 

4. We SHOW you how to eat for results. Once again, if it’s just a ‘class’  you can come and go to - what about all the other stuff you need to do to see results? If we can get you on board our program we can also coach you on how to eat correctly for results too. (We don’t mean a meal plan and ‘get on with it attitude’) We mean lifestyle guidelines, new habits, recipes, examples and opportunity to learn how to create long term healthy change to your life.  

5. We can change your mindset. Once again if you're part of a program, that you are part of for a period of time we can guide you step by step and when you have questions coach you to the answers so you change your mindset as you transform your body. If it’s just a class, where you can go some days and not other days, a coach cant have your attention long enough to coach you to lasting results. 

There’s other differences too but over 7 years we have truly connected with our clients to get the best results in many ways.  A program that delivers results is what we are and that is our message.