3 Tips To Master Weight Loss Nutrition

  • Update: 14/08/2017

1. Eat for health.  But what is healthy, tricky one right? We’re often fooled into thinking if something is ‘low fat’ or ‘less calories’ it means it is healthy. NO - what that means is it contains less fat or in simple terms - less energy. Someone’s health is measured by how well their body is functioning and coping. High levels of vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants improve peoples health, as they help your body function more effectively and cope better with fighting disease and illness.

Which foods are more healthy then? Simply, foods which are eaten in a form as closely as to which they exists in nature. Eg. A chicken breast is more healthy, than cut refined, processed and additive laden ‘Sandwich chicken’ why? Because the chicken breast has come from chicken to packet to person and lost minimal vitamins, minerals and anti oxidants on the way. Sandwich chicken has gone from chicken, to factory, to being cooked, to being added to, to being packeted and then to person. By which time the ‘processing’ has taken away all the goodies, and left you with a sub optimal product.

When you think about it like this, eating for health becomes easy. Before you eat something ask yourself how far removed it is from its natural state, the further it is the less healthy it is.

The more healthy your food is the more your body will regulate your internal operations.  The better you regulate the easier losing fat will become.

2. Lose the big offenders first and then sweat the smaller stuff. Often I have people tell me that they are worried they’ve starting eating more protein for example. (I’ll save that silly debate for another day). I then go on to find person a still eats pizzas, cakes, pastries, and drinks soft drinks all the time.

Now it maybe the case that modifications can be made to your healthy eating plan at a later date to make it even better.  But don’t sweat this now, firstly you need to make sure your losing the very unhealthy stuff. Why? Well this stuff not only doesn’t give you goodness. It takes goodness away from the body.

Go and try it!

So to start by eliminating the big offenders such as, cakes, confectionary, sugars, sweets, bread, microwave meals and cereals after just a few short days the great feelings of not eating these foods will completely outweigh the cravings for them.

3. Be in for the long term. Don’t think ‘diet’. Think about being committed to your health forever. Sure you may eat garbage food now and then and enjoy it. But don’t make a mountain out of a molehill. Base your diet on the decision to choose the healthiest foods you can all the time. Make it a goal to continually improve your choices. Weight loss and health will improve together.

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