Amy's Journey At Our Fitness Bootcamp In Ely

  • Update: 10/08/2017
SUPER inspiring story today! 
About someone that has become a bit of a superstar at body shape fitness boorcamp here in Ely recently! 
Let me introduce - Amy Whaley (See her transformation photos below) 

She is the winner of our recent 8 Week Body Transformation Challenge. 

She lost an ASTONISHING  26 Pounds 
AND Reduced a CRAZY 50 Cm's (from her arms, waist, bum, thighs) 

Mind blowing right?

But for me thats Not even the best bit...
Here's is what I like even more about Amy's story.
Over the 8 weeks at our Ely Fitness Bootcamp, Amy has worked super hard and followed the simple advice I have given her...
Made changes in her nutrition and adding in some more good foods that have speeded up her results. 
She has been putting ion the effort at our exercise sessions here in Ely. 
And in doing so - made HUGE leaps forward in her 'mindset'
She now has engrained permanent healthy habits into her lifestyle.  
She's gone on to lose even more up to now (results given above taken at the beggining of July)
And is going to have a slim body FOREVER.
No more yo-yo.
Congratulations Amy
Pretty Epic right?
If you want to see more results just like Amy's you can check them out on our Success Story's Page -- HERE
Bring you some more upadtes soon! 
Timmy M :-)