Inspirational Body Shape Legend!

  • Update: 22/01/2020

This shout out goes to the legend that is Ryan!

Before starting the programme Ryan said - "I always struggled with my diet, I've eaten crap a lot of the time... I've had 10 years of new year's resolutions of going on a diet... hence why I started to look for something a bit more involved"...

Which is exactly what he got! Saying that - "I think for me the most important thing is the accountability, if you are just going to the gym on your own and you can't be bothered to go, there's no one to push you to get there"

So how did Ryan get on?

Well within 6 weeks he had lost 18.5 lbs and 10% body fat! Absolutely amazing and we are still super proud of Ryan and his result! 

What was his best bit though?

"The friendships I've built and the people, there's people down there I can class as friends" 

Appreciate having you on board with us Ryan!